Author Topic: Last Post For 2019: Sloan & Barri's "Eve Of Destruction" Circa '65 Remix  (Read 7 times)

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In '65 Sloan & Barri were at the height of their activity in rock and roll. They were producing and writing for Barry McGuire, Hermit's Hermits, Johnny Rivers, The Mamas & Papas and Jan & Dean along with many other well known artists in several countries across the globe. They were also creating The Grass Roots. Here is a remix of the releases of the same backing track that they made for "Eve Of Destruction" with vocals from both Barry McGuire and Jan Berry who were also at the peak of their careers in rock in roll in '65. McGuire's recording hit number one, sparking a touring schedule that took him and P.F. Sloan to England where they met many icons of the British Invasion:

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